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Free Your Data from Silos

Our dashboards bring all your siloed data into one collaborative space

Our 30+ years of experience of helping health care institutions capture and find the data they need has given us a wealth of knowledge and experience that can shorten your path to understand and utilising your data to the best of its abilities.

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Categorise Data

Regardless of where the data comes from

MiS Dashboards can take multiple data feeds from a variety of standards and protocols and organise that data into simple to read charts.

Understand Data Volume

See which sites & providers have your data

Visualise your siloed data stores and understand where your data lives in your system, identifying contingency issues ahead of time.

Detect Data Issues

Track data inconsistencies between data silos

Pre-planning of data loss and incompatible fields when transferring data between different silos.

Understand Pressure

Visualise the delays

See in real-time where your assets or processes are bottlenecked in your system causing delays.

Predict Your Data

See problems before they happen

Use our data prediction insights to overlay and project multiple data sources and identify upcoming resources.

Want to know more?

MiS is more than just dashboards

Visualising your data is just start of your relationship with MiS. We have our own in-house developers based in the EU and UK ready to create new software and services beyond what we offer here.

Our modern and flexible traceability application can fill the gaps your current systems cannot reach, either because they were not designed to, or are too expensive. The MiS traceability app has been designed to easily slot between your existing systems or update legacy ones.

Even when something is outside of our remit, MiS has collaborative relationships with other companies who we partner with to deliver high quality systems.