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Modern Contingency Driven Traceability

Bring your data into the modern era with built in traceability, auditing, and contingency, with an app designed to work across multiple devices, even when you're offline.

MiS Mobile Connect

Multi-platform Application

Out MiS traceability app runs on Android, iOS and Windows. Use standard 2D/3D handheld scanners or use the built in camera or NFC abilities of mobile devices to capture data.

Contingency Built-in from Day One

Our app has built-in contingency planning to ensure you can continue to capture data even when your network goes down. Use your preferred cellular provider in your mobile devices keep data synced with the cloud. When your network is restored, data on off-line devices are automatically resynced.

Authentication & Authorisation

Given the right access to the right people at the time you need it is essential to a workflow that's easy for your staff to just "pick up and go". All user access is audited and controlled via a management web dashboard with your user database or integration with Azure Active Directory.

Secure Data & Data Sovereignty

In fast paced world, you will always need the assurance that the data you're processing is securely transferred between devices and server. Sovereignty of your data is always kept within the legal requirement of your country via the vast network of Microsoft's Azure network.

Choose Your Template

See a list of templates to capture data

Our expert teams can help you create a range of templates to digitise your manual or paper workflows into standard and reliable data capture processes.

Capture Real Data

Use verified data sources

Ensure the data you capture is accurate and valid by scanning the UDI of your assets and comparing it to external sources such as AccessGUDID or EDUMED.

Capture Multiple Items

Group and organise your assets

It's easy to create groups of data with our app, whether that group is a tray (with instruments as child items), or a drying cabinet storing scopes, our traceability app has it covered.

Keep It Simple

Help your frontline staff

Make it easy for your frontline staff to make decisions quickly and accurately when under pressure with predetermined options just a few taps away.

Capture the Unexpected

Raising events the correcy way

Unexpected events happen more often than your processes are currently recording meaning you're missing out on valuable data. Our app can be customised on-the-fly to update the list or raised events for each process we manage.

Want to know more?

MiS is more than just an app

Capturing your data with our multi-platform app is only the start of your journey with us.

Use our web-based dashboards to review and analyse your data at any time. View KPIs and real-time-data as it happens, and more importantly, make decisions based on your data that are actioned and delivered to your users immediately.

Even when something is outside of our remit, MiS has collaborative relationships with other companies who we partner with to deliver high quality systems.